Sunday, May 21, 2017

Organizing And Apples

I spent several hours in the morning organizing things for the show. Got my copies of the scripts in my binder and looked again at the order of performance I had made up. I'm not entirely happy with it, so may tweak it, but I guess it's okay. I then acted out all parts of all playlets, keeping time to see how long the show will go. I want to do this again to be sure I'm close to its length; must also add time for a welcome from Tony and intros for each from me. In addition, I'll go through to see what props should be used.
Called El to see if she could use me to help in her coming move. She said yes, so I went over about 1:00 and did some minor packing at her direction. Took time out to go over to Goodwill and pick up the small table I had seen Friday. I'm very pleased, as it turned out to be just as I had hoped: perfect for hiding the ugly computer wires in my bedroom. It has a rectangular space on the top, which looks as if it used to hold a tray or something. I'll look around for something that fits into, or fits over it. Back at El's, we continued packing; I left about 3:30, but will go back today to help tackle the garage.
I still haven't put together the peeler I bought. I'm just hopeless with mechanical things and haven't even read the instructions. Actually, it's mostly assembled already, so I just have to add a few component. Must do it soon, as I have several pounds of apples waiting.

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