Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Prep Day

I spent virtually the entire day preparing for our first rehearsal this morning. I now have nine left in the class--of the original three men, Larry has dropped out and I have to assume T.J. will be out of town. That leaves Jim. Trying to fit one (or two) men and seven woman into several short plays was an exercise in frustration. I doubled up on some of them, but that could lead to problems in rehearsals. Inga is another problem. I didn't give her a part, as she has indicated she doesn't want to act (so why is she in this class?), but it's okay if she just observes.
Interrupted myself by going out to buy nine binders; I will, of course, add the cost for these on a requisition so SCAN can reimburse me. I still have to go and and get some high-lighters before the group meets. I asked them to bring them today, but who knows who will? I just fervently hope they all show up today.
Had a 3:00 pedicure appointment, so kept that, but didn't get out of there until after 4:00. Ran home to finish up the Acting for Amateurs prep. I didn't have time for dinner, as I went to the widder dinner gathering a bit after 6:00, taking my tangerines with me. Got my usual glass of Chardonnay and greatly enjoyed being there--only six of us this time, but all very congenial.
Slept okay, but got up at 5:00, as I'm worried that I didn't cover all my bases in prep for the class. I'll go over it now.

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