Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Here and There

Walked Kimball under a cloudy sky and cool breeze. After breakfast, I put on my chef's hat and chopped (using my handy Chop Wizard) a large onion and two big sweet peppers. Put them in a container to stir-fry later with ground turkey. I then took out my apple peeler, corer, and slicer and did five big apples. I'm getting better at it and there's no question it's faster and less work than doing it all by hand.
I'm determined to spruce up my patio, so went to Lowe's and got potting soil, Miracle-Gro, and gardening gloves. At Bed, Bath & B., got a food cover for the microwave--I noticed a slit in my other one--and a new toilet brush. I had bought one last week at Wal-Mart and was annoyed to find it scratched the bowl. Threw it out.
Composed an e-mail to Marsha M., director of SCAN Health & Wellness Center (although she works out of Long Beach). In it, I expressed my appreciation of her staff in Ventura, telling her they couldn't have been more helpful and supportive during my "Acting for Amateurs" stint. Did some other business-type stuff on the Internet, then took off for town. The library was closed, but I parked and got my walk in. Stopped at one of the thrift stores and bought a large, very attractive garden container. It looks like stoneware or something, but I think it's actually papier mache,* so I'll have to keep it away from the rain, I guess.
After dinner, El called and we discussed the garage sale and so on. Now I must get serious about gathering things to sell.
* They don't know how to spell it, I guess just because it's French. It's a mixture of paper and glue, idiots!

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