Monday, May 01, 2017

Nothing Of Note

Sunday was mostly just chores, errands, and prep for the acting class. Betty called and we had a long talk. El called and ditto. Went to the library, saw my friend, Marie M., and we chatted. Sat in the fountain park--I'm not sure why, but neither fountain was operating-and called Nancy. Yes, more talky, talk, talk. I'll see her at the widder lunch today. Got some walk in on Main Street.
Went to WinCo for supplies, including zucchini and when I got home, sliced same, added onions, garlic, olive oil, and seasonings, and put it in the slow cooker. Turned out pretty good and I had it with my salmon for dinner.
I was annoyed that, for some reason, I couldn't get into my xfinity e-mail. Kept getting an error message. Even tried at the library's p.c., but no luck. Finally, I changed my password and got in.
Aside from all all that everyday stuff, nothing of note went on.

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