Saturday, May 20, 2017


Another varied day. Went to T.O.P.S. and found--no surprise--I had actually gained a bit: four tenths of a pound. I chalk that up to Mothers' Day and the fact I haven't been walking as much, and it doesn't worry me. Met with Bob after and we went over his role in Hell On Wheels. I know he'll be fine with it. We then fell into talking politics (he's a lefty) and religion (neither of us indulge). His--well, wife in love, I guess you'd say, as he and Michelle aren't married--called and the three of us continued talking politics. We don't agree, as they're neo-libs, but so what? It was a good, vigorous session and Bob invited me to join them for brunch, but since I had a lunch date with Nancy, I said another time.
Didn't get home until after 11:00, so I sort of combined breakfast and lunch by having two pieces of chicken and half an orange. I had just time to slice some summer squash and onions, add garlic and olive oil, and stoke up slow cooker before I left to meet Nancy.
We went to the Paradise Pantry and, as ever, enjoyed ourselves. I had brought my Honey Belles and she ordered the cheese plate. Hmm...I had the wine sampler, which is all I ordered, yet my total bill was over twenty bucks. The sampler was sixteen, there was tax, and I left a tip, but still....
After that, we browsed here and there; Nancy loves broaches (is that still a word?) and bought six of them at three different thrift shops. I didn't get a thing, but enjoyed looking around. Unfortunately, even though she had gotten her regular infusion on Thursday, Nancy got very tired just walking a few blocks. We sat down for a bit, then I walked her to her car.
Went home to check on the squash--it was done and I had a bowl--then took off for the Goodwill near Ellen's, just to get out again. I came across a darling little girl on a bench, made of some material that resembles marble. This is a nice size, about a foot high and I couldn't resist it. I bought it, put it in the patio under the rosazlea, and it looks great. I also saw a small wooden table; I measured it and think it would fit well under my bedroom window to hide wires and things. Maybe I'll go back and buy it today.
Stopped to get paper from Staples, then saw a wine-tasting sign at BevMo nearby--samples for a nickel each. Went in, was given little glasses of Brut and two other nice wines by a very pleasant and knowledgeable sommelier (that's correct; the idiots at SpellCheck don't know how to spell it!), and even learned a bit about them. Next door at Trader Joe's, I was served a sample of a lettuce salad, so that took care of dinner. Gee, if I could figure out where to get samples all over town, I'd never have to cook.
Happily, I slept well last night, so I hope the restless siege is over.

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