Friday, May 12, 2017

Not Much

Every once in a while, I'd like to drop all the activities in which I'm involved, and just vegetate. However, I know I'd be bored out of my mind in hours, if not minutes, so I don't try it.
Got a call from Debra M., of the Council for Seniors and Senior Strategic Services (of which I'm unfortunately chair) and we talked again about how vague everything is that surrounds these groups. I said I'm going to talk to Suze before or after the VCS meeting on Wednesday about turning over my so-called leadership role to Deb.
Stopped at SCAN to ask Brenda if she knew if the "Chris" on the waiting list was male or female. Turns out he's male, but Brenda and I kind of agreed it was a little late to put somebody in, so I'm going to let it go.
Home, I looked on my e-mail and found I couldn't get in, although I had when I got up at 7:00. Tried this and that and nothing worked, so I went to the library. It turned out I couldn't get in from there, either. Went home and ditto. After a round of calls, I was told in a phone chat with XFINITY that they had lost contact with the Internet. Darn, I thought it was my fault and spent a lot of time on it.
Drove again to Oxnard and stopped to see Greg. Went from there directly to WinCo for supplies, then to Sprouts for berries, which were on sale. Betty called and I was happy to hear her procedure (can't remember what it's called, but it involves a camara down the throat) didn't even have to be done and there's no cause for concern. She was worried about something and I'm glad, of course, it turned out to be a false alarm.
Went to Kohl's after dinner, as I have a 30 percent off card. However, I didn't see a thing I wanted to buy, so left empty handed.


iloveac said...

Rosemary, I've been meaning to ask if you are following this latest season of LPBW? Like the parents to be, I'm anxious to see if the babies will be dwarves? BTW, I don't like Amy's boyfriend. There's something about him that makes me think he thinks it's a 'lark' to date a LP? your thoughts?

Mimi said...

Well, OF COURSE, I'm keeping up with them, they're good friends of mine! I saw the latest with "the big reveal," which I think was a bizarre event. Seemed to be engineered with the t.v. show in mind. As for Chris, I didn't exactly get that impression; I just thought he seems very awkward and uncomfortable in front of the camera. Maybe he does think it's a lark, but also maybe he likes getting paid to be in a t.v. show. I still wonder about Jacob, btw, and what's going on with him.
GOOD GRIEF! Do you realize we're discussing people we see on a "reality," (but not too much reality) show as if we know them? I'm even friends on Facebook with Matt! Pretty soon, we'll be watching the Kardashians!

iloveac said...