Monday, May 29, 2017


While I was walking Kimball, Betty called to see how the show went. I called her back and reported it went well--better than I had expected. We talked for a half hour or so. After that, I sent congratulatory and "thank you" e-mails to my cast.
After my Sunday morning routine, I dived into a project I didn't know would take so long: categorizing the dozens of unique and wonderfully creative cards from my darling Japanese daughter-in-law has made and sent me. She is an artist--a real artist--and that's obvious. I wish I could show all her beautiful and intricate constructions, which I've been privileged to get for the past eight years. Anyway, it took several hours and I still haven't really completed it. I want to make stronger separations in the container they're in, so bought some poster board and will make them from that after I measure and cut.
It was almost 2:00 before I finished what's described above. I then rearranged some of the bedroom; I think I'll sell a few of the things I unearthed. Drove to Goodwill and picked up this and that, then home and walked over to Vons. I'd like to get the bumpy orange thing I bought at Sprouts a few days ago. It's something like a cross between an orange and something else, but it's not a tangelo. Vons didn't have one, so I'll go to Sprouts.
Happily, I slept well and got up refreshed this morning.

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