Thursday, June 01, 2017

This And That And Nothing Much

Walked Kimball, although it was downright chilly. I should have put my sweat shirt on, but didn't think of it and walked anyway.
Got an e-mail from Marsha, director of the Health & Wellness Center at SCAN, asking that I submit an invoice for my stipend. Worked one up and added my expenses of another thirty some bucks to cover black printer ink and the binders I bought for the players.
Went to the 99-cent store for a few items and to WinCo for salad fixings. I added cans of kidney and black beans, figuring they were good additions for protein. With chicken, it always makes a nice lunch. Had a nice chat with the fishmonger (I'm hankering for swordfish and he should get some in this week) and introduced me to a fish called "swai." He said it was something like catfish, but without the unpleasant aftertaste. I haven't had catfish for years and I don't remember any unpleasant aftertaste, but I bought the swai.
Drove to town and the library to replace the audio book I had gotten--didn't like it--with another. This one is about two divers who discover a WWII German U-Boat sunk off the coast of New Jersey and lost for sixty or so years. Also got something by Linwood Barclay called Broken Promises. I don't read a lot of fiction, but this is pretty good.
From there, I went to the beach. I haven't been there for months--it's been chilly, for one, and I've been busy, for two. I got my chair out of the trunk and sat and read for almost an hour. It was heavenly, what with the sun and the sparking ocean and the sound of the waves.
Got a message from Sue confirming our date on Wednesday next for BCNN and lunch. She also asked if she could have a copy of her scripts. Hmm...I don't really like having them out there, but since she swore she wouldn't circulate them or tell anyone else, I agreed.
Seasoned the swai with Mrs. Dash and pan-fried it for dinner. Delicious and I'll add that to my seafood selections.

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