Wednesday, June 07, 2017


Walked Kimball. After breakfast, I printed out the picture of Vivian with her MVP award; for some reason, I couldn't send it to Terri (she of A Passage to Barcelona, which I still haven't read). I knew I'd see her at the BCNN meeting.
Called my dear brother, Frank, in Alameda and we had a good virtual visit. His Marybeth is "fair," he said and they now have two aides to come in to help. He also intimated they may have new living arrangements before long--I think he meant an assistant living facility. How I would love to go up to see them.
Went to the BCNN meeting at 10:30; this was later than usual to accommodate the speaker, our mayor, whose schedule was tight. Saved seats from Sue, Doris, and Sherry, who go there shortly after I did.
The mayor's talk was actually pretty good. He had some pointed questions after--over development, water use, and so on--and handled them well. There are no meetings in July or August (not sure about August, but I'll get the minutes on-line), so we won't be gathering again until September. Chatted with my friends and a few others and had coffee. Showed off the pic of Vivian to Terri and others and of course, they oohed and aahed over it.
Sue and I then went to lunch at Stephen's, the Greek restaurant Ellen took me to first. Sue got some kind of sloppy gyro and I, of course, just ordered a glass of Chardonnay and ate my tangerines with it. We had some good talk and Sue showed me her new android phone, which I may get. We started talking about different interests and she highly recommended something called "Peter's Pond." It's from South Africa and you can see "elephants and tigers and all kinds of birds at a watering hole." I started laughing and said my children would love to hear this, as I'm about as much interested in animals as I am in the great molasses flood of 1919. Actually, I'm a lot more interested in that and have read a book about it.
When I got home, I had a message from the doctor's office to call, something that always alarms me. I knew it must be regarding my blood work, and it was, but nothing urgent. I was just told to cut my B12 to three times a week instead of every day. Will do.
Had a hard-boiled egg and broccoli to top off my lunch. Took my currency to the bank, but after a great deal of research and so on, they also said they weren't worth a thing. Okay, I think I'll use them as some kind of decoration or conversation piece.
Went to WinCo for fish and veggies; had fresh tuna steak for dinner.

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