Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The Usual

Walked Kimball, had breakfast, then walked the museum to library route. At the library, I saw Wye-Wye ("Way-Way"), whom I hadn't in awhile. I asked if her friend/companion/husband, Tim, was around, as I wanted to question him about his assertion that his great-grandmother was Grandma Moses. Found him and we chatted, but I'm beginning to wonder if he just made the whole thing up. According to him--and it was hard to get to this, as he speaks in a somewhat disjointed way--his grandmother was a daughter of Grandma Moses and, in fact, his father was raised by G.M. He also said G.M was born in Germany and came here in 1933--huh? According to the Internet, she was born in upstate New York. I understand she wrote an autobiography called My Life's History; I may send for it or look for it in the library, if I continue being interested.
Went from town to the store for two huge and heavy packages of potting soil; had to bring out my rolling cart to get them from the car. I spent more than an hour continuing my re-potting project and still have some to go. Once I finished, I got my bathing suit on and went to the pool. I swam around a bit and cooled off, but didn't stay long. Showered and washed my hair, then went to WinCo for lettuce, cucumbers, and dressing.
Got a call from the "Cricket" phone rep. Some kind of promotion is going on and I stopped there today to possibly finally switch. Gabrielle D. called about 8:00 to discuss an e-mail we got from Cheryl G., saying she was no longer going to host "Golden Girls of Ventura County" because of personal reasons. Neither of us know her very well, but I may call her or respond to her message.

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