Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Without a car, I didn't want to give myself an excuse to skip my walk, so after breakfast, I went a mile or so. It was actually pretty interesting, as I had only driven in these neighborhoods before. Spent another agonizing half hour on the phone with Bank of America. This time, I was assured the eighty-nine dollars and change would be restored to my account and I got a claim number. I won't be satisfied until I actually see the credit, though.
Started in on the patio garden, but spent only about an hour on it, as I ran out of potting soil. Wrote to Mr. K. in Tokyo and walked to the post office, about another mile, I think. When I got back, Linda T. had left a message, asking for Greg's last name. It seems he and she went to the same high school in San Merino (but she much earlier) and so did her sister, who thought she might know him. I doubt it, but called her back.
I finally called my three "phone friends." For some reason, I kept putting this off, although I enjoy--mildly--talking to them, especially Corine, the ninety-year-old. I was please to hear her cancer seems to have been cured.
Suzanne rang my bell when she got home from work at 2:30, so she was ready to take me to Rob's Remedies. I then waited and waited for Rob to call. about the car. I finally called him at 3:00. He had gotten the cell number mixed up, it seems, thinking it was an 805 area code, although I had written it down as 908. All kinds of other annoying stuff went on, but the upshot was, I got my little darlin' back at 5:30.
Went directly to WinCo to replenish my supply of fruit, of which I was completely out. Bought peaches, plums, grapes, blueberries, grapes, and a mango--that should hold me for a few days.

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