Saturday, June 10, 2017

A Variety

Walked Kimball, of course, before I started my day. I could have kicked myself for making the car appointment for 9 am, because that meant I couldn't stay for the T.O.P.S. meeting. Did get in and weighed and found I've lost another 2.4--happy day! That means I've passed the twenty pounds off mark; I'm actually at 21.6 down. I then reluctantly Left before the meeting to take the car to Rob's Remedies. I was at his place for an hour while he took off the tires to check the brakes. Yes, they need to be relined or whatever, but it isn't urgent and I'll go back on Thursday, the twenty-second.
El called and we discussed getting rid of her king bed. I called some homeless shelters, but none would take any but twins. Nancy called and I suggested we go to the Rubicon to see The Other Mozart, so we will. Made a date for Wednesday next, as the Brits say.
Doorbell rang and it was my neighbor, Don, with four large, perfect avocados for me. I'm not sure where he got them, but I thanked him enthusiastically. We got to talking and somehow it turned to the military his daughter is in the navy and he was in the army. Without going into detail, I'll just say I expressed some pacifist ideas--Don asked what the word means--and he seemed startled. I doubt if he ever realized people could lean in that direction.
It occurred to me after he left that once in a while, I might consider keeping my mouth shut. Don was raised in a foster home, I think he's somewhat limited intellectually, but he's a good person, and I'm used to discussing--or debating--with others better able to do so. So, after I took clothes to the laundry room, I walked over to his place and apologized. He assured me there was no need, but there was, and I'm glad I did. Don's incredibly big and healthy tomato plants are his pride and joy, and no wonder. I admired them extravagantly and he invited me in to see his furniture. He had gotten it free from the complex because the offices and clubhouse are being redone. That's good.
Went to town, parked at the usual, walked to the library and back. Stopped and bought an addition to my container gardening ambition--I just need gardening tools, then I'll begin. Stopped at Suzanne's when I got home and we stood and chatted. She gave me two small tomatoes from her cherry tomato plant--so sweet and so good. I invited her in and we talked some more, with quite a lot about Don. She's known him for the ten years he's lived here and he hasn't had an easy life.
Seasoned and popped in the oven chicken leg quarters, cut and cook acorn squash, and boiled up a big mess of spinach--a yummy dinner. Went to Sprouts after and got blueberries, my evening snack of choice. Talked again to Ellen.

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