Thursday, June 15, 2017

Happy Hour With Nancy

Walked Kimball. Spent a lot of the day cutting and chopping a multitude of veggies for salad and stir-fry. (I like to have plenty on hand to cook up when needed.) Went to Wal-Mart for this and that, then to WinCo for same. Did a wash, then some stuff on the computer, then showered and got ready for my happy hour with Nancy.
We met at The Cave at 4:00. This is the restaurant attached to The Wine Company and we've been here before. I brought my tangerines, Nancy order her usual cheese platter, and we both had a very pleasant Chardonnay.
We talked and talked and talked, of course; in fact, we were there until 6:15. Nancy and her late husband, Russ, had traveled a lot. They had spent an entire month driving around France, for instance; how you manage that when you work full-time, I don't know.
We finally left, and I got home to find a message from Debra, she of the Ventura Strategic Plan for Seniors. She asked me to give her some possible dates for a meeting next week and said she'd send out an e-mail to the principals. The fact is, I'm heartily sick of the whole damn thing and would like to withdraw completely from that and even from Ventura Council for Seniors. However, I gave her the 20th and 21st--my anniversary--and I guess she'll pull something together.

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