Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Varied and Interesting

Things are looking up: It turned out to be a varied and interesting day, but with one clinker: My landline is out again.
Walked Kimball, had breakfast, then discovered my damn landline was dead. Called about it, then called Bank of America. I was told I could go to my local bank to get a temporary debit card. Did so and, of course, had to wait a good half hour. It was okay, though, because I got a phone call I enjoyed. Finally was ushered to a desk to talk to G.S., whose title is--get this--"Relationship Manager." Good grief, it sounds as if she's a marriage counselor--stupid.
Anyway, I explained my plight and got a new (temporary) debit card. Will get the perm one in the mail. I was relieved to hear none of my recurring payments have to be modified, as they all come out of my accounts.
After that, I was determined to find Wild Birds Unlimited, a new shop. I had cut a coupon out to the effect that, as a grand opening promotion, they were giving away bird seed and a feeder. Finally found it and it was charming, as were the people in it. The free things were much more substantial than I thought they'd be: a pound of seed and a small, but nice feeder. In the same strip mall, I stopped into a Cricket cell phone place. Talked to the rep and am considering telling both AT & T and Tracfone to go blow and just get one of those. Went from there to town for my extra mile, now simply routine. Stopped at WinCo for fish. In fact, I bought salmon patties, rockfish, and swai. I now have several varieties, most in the freezer. I also found some nice pears, just soft enough, and bought them, too.
Went to the widder dinner. There were only six of us, with one newbie, a woman named Rose, who was widowed only four months ago. I knew Vera's daughter had cut her hand in shop class a week before she graduated high school, but was not aware until last night she had actually amputated her thumb, poor girl. Had a good time with this group, as ever, but skipped my plan to go to the stamp collector meeting after. I will later, to get me old stamps appraised. Several have Hitler's picture on them; presumably, they're from Germany--duh!

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