Monday, June 05, 2017

In Town and Trash

Walked Kimball. (I had skipped on Saturday because of the garage sale, but of course, I could easily have walked later in the day, but didn't.)
Did my usual Sunday thing, then set out for town under cloudy skies. Luckily, as often happens here, it cleared up later. I parked at the museum and, walking past the Clock Tower Inn, I noticed broken glass on the sidewalk. I stepped in to suggest somebody clear it up and could not find a single soul. I walked through the lobby, past the desk, into the atrium, and beyond that--nobody. I immediately entertained a powerful image of The Overlook, that haunted place in TheShining, expecting Jack Nicholson to charge out with a knife any minute.
Continued on my way and walked the half mile to the library. Forgot it didn't open until 1:00 on Sunday and it was before noon, but that was okay. I stopped and browsed in a few places, then went back. Stopped into the Clock Tower again and finally found somebody there. I showed her the broken glass and she said the county has people who would take care of that; she was surprised they hadn't come yet.
Fer cryin' out loud! If I had had a broom and pan, I would have done it! Why couldn't she just go to housekeeping, get the stuff, and occupy herself? Zeus knows she didn't have a helluva lot to do in her job...
...if it was her job. Maybe she had murdered the real employee and was... Oh, no, I don't think she'd have the initiative.
Anyway, I continued to my car. Stopped on the way home at the Cat's Cradle Thrift Store to look for containers and found two nice ones--plus it was a fifty percent off day, so got them for a song.
Home for lunch, then off again to replenish my B-12. Saw an estate sale sign, so stopped and got a pretty mosaic container. I chatted with the estate sale people and remarked how sad and pathetic it was to see a couple's possessions up for sale. However, I was told they were in good health, didn't have children, and decided to move to a retirement home, where they're doing well. That was good to hear.
Went to Ralph's because I have a yen for swordfish. Got some, as well as rockfish, which I put in the freezer, and three kinds of squash. El called, then came over to unload several bags and a box of trash.

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