Wednesday, June 21, 2017


Another "varied and interesting" day, but not necessarily in a good way.
My landline was still dead, so calling those black-hearted rats at AT & T, I used the Tracphone. Looked, and noted it had only 8 minutes on it. Drove to Kimball and did the walk, but on the way home, I kept hearing a kind of subtle bumpy noise. I assumed it was the damn brakes, but hoped it would go away. Went directly to Vons to get phone minutes and saw it was actually my back tire--flat. Called Triple A and happily, the guy came in about 20 minutes. He looked and said there was a nail in it. He put air in, but couldn't say if I could drive it to my doctor's appointment at 9:30 before getting it fixed. Drove to Pep Boys and was told I could make my appointment, so went home and changed and got there on time.
Dr. J. was thrilled at my weight loss, especially in light of my very good blood work. She asked me how I did it and we talked a lot about it. I said I'd drop off a copy of the regimen I devised and follow.
Went from there directly to Pep Boys and was informed after a wait that the tire couldn't be fixed. Therefore, I shelled out $83 for a new one, damnit. That took an age and I called El to say I'd be late. Home, I just quickly changed tops, sliced some hard-boiled eggs into the big salad I had already prepared, and left for Ojai.
Boy, was it hot there. However, Ellen's house was comfortable, although she didn't yet have the AC on. Her place, especially the living room, is shaping up nicely, although there are still a lot of boxes here and there. Two men were putting the new roof on in that 90+ degree heat--wow.
I ate my salad, then El took us on a drive through the tonier parts of Ojai, beautiful with the lush foliage and towering mountains. I left about 3:30 and made my stop at the museum. It was about twenty degrees cooler in Ventura and pretty windy. Walked to the library, sat and read for a while, then walked back.
I had left my phone in my purse in the trunk, got it out and saw I had a text from my tenant, Eileen, to the effect the washer had stopped. I called her and said I'd call Anchor Appliance this morning--damn, just one more thing to handle.

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