Thursday, June 22, 2017

Busy Again

Another helluva busy day. I called Anchor Appliances shortly after I got up, as it was almost 10 am there. I was told they couldn't get somebody out to look at the washer until the 29th--more than a week later! I skipped that, then called Sears. They'd come out, but it's $159 just to have them walk in the door, with parts and labor over there. I decided I might just as well get a new washer and that's what will delivered Monday.
Got to the Ventura Council for Seniors on time--just--and sat through the fairly mundane meeting, then the director of the Alzheimer's Unlimited, or whatever it was, spoke. A young and attractive blonde, she was about the must inane speaker I've ever endured. Her delivery was on the Kindergarten level, with all kinds of gestures and facial expressions and big smiles with big teeth. Idiotic. She also, of course, talked about Alzheimer's prevention, as if there was any. She listed exercise, eating right, socialization, and brain games, exactly what's recommended for good health in any context. It was a freakin' waste of time.
Went home to get some calls about my wedding anniversary, which was yesterday, including from my niece, Joan, whose mother, my sister, was one of my bridesmaid. Called Rob, who was supposed to fix my brakes today, but found he didn't have it scheduled. Instead, he asked if I could leave it on Sunday and he'd work on it on Monday. Okay, I guess.
Had some lunch, then changed into capris to go to my second meeting of the day, for the Senior Strategic Plan. This was just Suze, Hans, Debra, and me, plus Councilwoman Cheryl H., whom I admire more all the time. Anyway, it was decided we hire a (paid, of course) consultant, if we can get the county to cough up the dough.
Went from there the short distance to town, parked, and walked my walk. Stopped at a few places for various and got home about 5:00. Rang Suzanne's bell, explained about the car and she said she'd take me to pick it up on Monday. I'll still have to get it there on Sunday; guess I'll have to ask someone else.

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