Sunday, June 18, 2017

Not Neat Day

Saturday was great fun, but Sunday was anything but. At 7:00, as usual, I had finished most of my computer stuff, including putting a Fathers Day tribute on Facebook, and was about to leave for Kimball, when I thought I check my e-mail. I found a message from Bank of America to the effect that my debit card had been charged a total of $176.73 by two skin care companies--WHA-WHA-WHAT!?!
Yes, it had to do with that stupid wrinkle cream, for which I thought I was paying ten bucks and change. Without going into the long, long saga of calling BOA, plus the company, plus all the interminable wait times, plus so on and so forth, I can say I'm not sure if it's resolved or not. I'll pursue it today, also.
Anyway, I walked in a foul mood. Got home and did the Sunday stuff. Had to get out, so I went early to town to get my mile in, arrived at the library at noon, to find it didn't open until 1:00, so went home for lunch.
Called El with my tale of monetary woe and she talked me down--or up--somewhat. Besides, we made a date for me to go over tomorrow, so that's something to look forward to (yeah, yeah, to which to look forward, but that sounds stupid).
Went to Bed Bath & B to try to find a mesh bag to put my sheets in the washer and dryer; by themselves, they seem to tangle up a lot, especially the fitted bottom. Didn't exactly find what I wanted, but got two smaller ones that I hope will serve. Stopped to get veggies and fruit, too, and that was more or less my anything-but-sterling day.

I should probably wait until my anniversary next week (5/21), but why? Here we are; unfortunately, all but three are gone now


iloveac said...

What a pain Rosemary. At least you caught it early. Some folks never check their accounts, and I believe some of the businesses count on customers who forget to cancel before the automatic clicks in.

Love this picture of your wedding day. You and Pat were such a good looking couple.

Mimi said...

Thanks, Pat. Hey, it was 59 years ago--the mind reels.