Friday, June 02, 2017

Blood And The Commission

It was a morning of unforeseen events and obstacles:
I kept my 7:30 blood test appointment (routine) and was out of there by quarter of eight. Quest is right on Kimball and I drove straight to the park and walked the walk. I had forgotten somebody is there on Tuesdays and Thursdays to take BP and oxygen and I had mine done. I got 120/70 and 97 whatever, which I think is okay. I said hello to another walker and when I got back to my car, she asked if I would jump hers. Sure thing, and we did. Drove off and found that the usual left-hand turn onto Telegraph Road was blocked by workers from the electric co.; had to go around.
Once home, I put in my toast. I noticed it seemed to be taking longer than usual. Yoicks! No wonder, because the toast came up charred to black. I took it out and prepared to put another in when the smoke alarm went off. Called Patti, she said she'd send Javier over, but it stopped by itself in a minute.
Ate, showered, and washed my hair, thinking all along of a plot for a play: character is due somewhere, but all kinds of happenings make her late. Would she avoid a hold-up or getting in a train that crashes, or...? Conversely, would being late make her come in the middle of the hold-up or in...?
None of that happened to me.
I was early for my appointment with the Harbor Commission. Chatted with a woman who was also being interviewed and found she had been some kind of executive director of something to do with boats--or something. I had debated with myself whether to withdraw, as it was Suze who really wanted me to get on the commission. However, I see no reason why I should run interference for Suze and the upshot was:
The council members were very pleasant, but early on, I confessed I wasn't really a good candidate for the harbor thing (although I do know Sue, who lives on a boat). I didn't even realize the same people would also be interviewing for the library and parks commissions. I confessed the park thing was really about the unleashed dogs on my part; the one I want most is for the library. We talked about that, I made my case, and I hope I get chosen.
Home for lunch, then put a wash in. Back and forth with that, then I drove back to town and actually--bought a belt! It's been years since I've worn a belt and it just gave me a lift. Walked here and there for a bit, then home to a dinner of salmon, spinach, and acorn squash. After, I hauled out a lot of stuff for the garage sale at Ellen's tomorrow. Also assembled, photographed, and posted on Craig's List the 37 old records she has--vinyl and they include the Beatles, John Denver, Culture Club, and many others. Added the garage sale itself.

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