Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Walked Kimball and was home before 8:00. After breakfast, I was in the 99-cent store when El called. She asked if I could come over and get some trash. Well, sure, I'm always happy to see her, I don't care what the occasion.
When I got there, a huge "Two Men and a Truck" truck was there with not two, but several, men dismantling Ellen's house. She and Greg were sitting on the patio and I joined them. I stayed a few hours, feeling slightly melancholy at the end of an era--we had some good times in that house, thought sentimental me. However, I got over it pretty fast.
Sebastian was in the downstairs bathroom and made his displeasure known loudly, but El was able to get him in the carrier with no problem. I said goodbye, garbage bags in my backseat, along with a Shark floor clearer--vacuums both carpet and hard floors--El gave me (she has a newer model) and drove off. I'm invited over for lunch tomorrow and am looking forward to that.
Went directly to WinCo for cold chicken and salmon, then to a store for a "pack" of four small bottles of Chardonnay. I'll bring them to El's, so we can go wherever for lunch (or call out) and if it's a favorite vegan one of theirs, their wine is lousy.
Nancy called with unwelcome news: It seems the Rubicon Theatre has only a few seats left for matinees today and Saturday, and they're not in good spots. (I'm going to Camarillo with Suzanne anyway on Saturday, so wouldn't be available.) I called and got the same news, called Nance back and we reluctantly decided to change our plans for today. She suggested we go to happy hour at The Cave today at 4:00, and I agreed. I'm disappointed about "The Other Mozart," but I guess I'll survive.
Left for town about 3:00, parked at the museum, and walked my usual to the library. Stayed awhile reading--I'm getting like all those old people I used to see in the Little Egg library, who presumably had nothing else to do. I don't care, though, as my aim was to add to my walking total and that's what I did.
Walking back to my car, I stopped at the original Ventura post office. It has very high ceilings and the walls above are decorated with wonderful murals of men at work. A plaque says they were painted in 1936-37 by an artist named Gorden Grant, presumably as part of the WPA. They're fabulous:
I used the Shark on the hard flooring and it works great! Can't wait to try it on the carpet and if it's even half as efficient, I'll jettison my old, clunky Hoover.

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