Friday, June 30, 2017

Busy Day

Whew, it turned out to be a pretty busy day. Walked Kimball, of course, then after breakfast, I decided it was about time I cleaned the stove top drip pans. I never had an electric stove before, and was hesitant to pull out the coils. However, I went over to the office, asked Jim,and he said there'd be no problem. He was right. I disassembled the items and put the drip pans--two of which were pretty dirty--to soak in the sink. Later, I scrubbed and scoured them, but one is still soiled; I may just go buy a new one.
In the meantime, I put clothes in the wash, then dryer, and while they were doing their thing, a woman came to the door. Good grief, she was from the Human Services Agency, in reference to the skin scam (which still shows up on my account). She came in, we talked, she expressed disbelief at my age, took information, and will notify the police and others. It was actually a pretty interesting experience, but all I really care about is getting my money back.
I didn't get out to town until 2:00 and when I went to park at the museum, there were signs on the trees that said "no parking," even though plenty of cars were parked there. I didn't realize until later the no parking referred to the fourth of July. Parked in municipal parking nearby, anyway.
Walked to the library and sat down to read a bit about Norman Rockwell. Got interested--I didn't realize he had been married three times--and took out his autobiography. On the way back, I just idly stopped into Goodwill, although I knew the jewelry armoire had been sold--BUT...there it was; it had just been moved to another spot.
Now if I was superstitious, or believed in sprites flitting around invisibly, or that Zeus had an eye out for me, I might think it was Meant To Be, or fate, or whatever. But I don't and I don't, I was just happy to see it.
And yes, I bought it for $54.99 plus tax, so sixty bucks. I had to pull up my car behind the store and their guy put it in for me. I was expecting to be able to take out the drawers to get it to the apartment, but unfortunately, they don't come out. Hmm...I'll have to see if Javier would get his hand truck and accept a tenner, say to move it for me.


iloveac said...

I was happy to learn the armoire was still there. The drawers don't come out, but can you still use them?

Mimi said...

Oh, yes, I meant I thought I could take the drawers out so it was light enough for me to move out of the car and to my apartment. They don't, so I can't, but am waiting for Jim to call me, as he said he'd move it with a hand truck.