Sunday, June 04, 2017

Garage Sale

Up at 6:15, did a bit on this machine, drank coffee, packed my breakfast and lunch, and got to Ellen's by 7:30. I had been worried that there wouldn't be a lot of other garage salers, but there were several on another street in the complex and we opened at 8:00.
As usually happens, the bulk of the buyers came early--from about opening to noon or so. I had only a small number of items and no big-ticket ones; I had sold or otherwise got rid of most of my stuff before I left Jersey and jettisoned more when I moved to Ventura Del Sol. However, I did pretty well, Ellen even better, and what was left will go to ARC (Association of Retarded Citizens) for its thrift store in Oxnard.
What didn't sell of my stuff were three pretty needlepoint pictures in oval frames of roses that look antique, although they may not be. I had them hanging in my house in Sunrise Bay for years, but just have no room for them here. Along with one or two other things, I'm going to see if historic Dudley House might want them as donations; if not, I give them to one of the nicer thrift stores.
I brought my shoji screen and was disappointed to get no takers most of the day. I couldn't bring myself to give it away, so thought I'd try selling it on Craig's List. However, while we were packing up, a woman came in, offered me close to what I had priced it, which I agreed to instantly, and off she went with it. Yay! Not only did I not have to cart it home again (and I have to fold down both back seats to get it in the car), but I got money for it--close to what I paid 18 months ago.
I helped El a bit after, then took off. She and I had exchanged a few things our selves--gratis, of course--and I went home to put what I got away. I figured up what I actually cleared, and it was sixty-seven dollars. No fortune, but it's a nice piece of change and it was fun; the best part was being with Ellen. Also, of course, I got rid of stuff I don't need. I then took off to WinCo for provisions.
Later, I met Suzanne on my way to empty the trash. She had been to an artists' colony in Camarillo and we made a tentative date to go to a lecture there on the seventeenth. I also asked if she's be so kind as to accompany to Rob's Remedies when I get my car checked.

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