Friday, June 23, 2017

The Usual

Walked the walk. After breakfast, I steeled myself to call Bank of America about the lousy skin company charge and was delighted--after a lot of transfers and talk--to be assured the second, seventy-nine dollar charge would be rescinded or whatever you call it. This will take 48 hours, though, and I won't rest easy until I see it reflected on my bank account.
Speaking of money, I did a lot of catching up with various financial stuff. Called Sears to be sure the scheduled repair for the washer had been cancelled and made a few other calls. Also did two large loads of wash. I was happy to see the mesh bags worked fine for the sheets, so they didn't get entangled. Ellen called to ask if I'd pick up some packages left at her old house by the gate. I went over there and got her mail, but they're not packages, they're just mail. She asked if I could meet for lunch today and yes, indeed, best offer I've had a week.
Went to the P.O. to mail some things, including a card and check for my GREAT-grandson, who will be fifteen next week (how did that happen?). Did the usual town mile, museum to library. One of these days, I'll reverse the route, just for variety.
My mood has improved considerably, although for the first time in months, I had trouble sleeping last night. I actually got up and played some computer games, which is probably not a good idea. I hope it was just a one-night stand.

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