Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Around And About, As Usual

Walked Kimball in what passes for rain here--a very fine mist that barely moistened my hair.
I decided to finally exchange all the foreign currency I have. Found a place in town that does that, took my bills and coins from various parts of Europe and Asia, and was told they don't do coins and my bills were all too old and no longer in use. What? But did they lose their value in the country of origin, too? Yes. Puzzling over that, I left and will see if BOA will do it.
I was called for jury duty, so decided to take my response to the Hall of Justice, which is only about a mile from me. Turned it in to a very courteous woman and she explained I call the Friday before, and so on. I found it interesting that in Jersey, you can be excused from duty if you're over 75, but there's no such exemption in California. (However, if you have a physical problem of some kind at any age, you can be.)
Went from there home and followed up on Ellen's request that a charity to pick up her items come before Monday. Got the Coalition for Harmony in the Home; they'll come Thursday, when El will still be in school, but I'll go over to receive them. The Coalition runs one of my favorite thrift stores, so that's a nice coincidence. Speaking of which, I stopped at one of my other favorites, the Bargain Box; couldn't resist buying two more succulents in attractive containers.
I'm giving El a house-cleaning as a new home gift and called Molly Maids to arrange to have them come next Monday, the day before her furniture comes. Talked to her and we got all the stuff arranged. Called Rob to change my Monday car check-up to Friday and also told Suzanne I wouldn't need her to pick me up on Thursday, after all. Whew-- lots of comings, goings, and complicated arrangements going on!
Late in the day, I went to the library and sat and read for a while. I'm listening to an audio book on divers who found a WWII German U-Boat off the coast of New Jersey (Brielle) and dived to the Andrea Doria. Intrigued, I took out a book about the latter. I'm also reading Linwood Barclay's Broken Promises; that's fiction, which I don't read a lot, but this is good. Stopped at Sprouts for tuna steak, which I'll have tonight. Cut up my small cauliflower and put it in the slow cooker; it was so good, I ate the whole thing for dinner with rock fish.

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