Friday, June 16, 2017

At Ojai

Walked Kimball a little late, as I didn't get up until 7:00. The nurse was there and took my BP: 107/86, and 92%. I assume that's okay.
Had breakfast, tidied up a little, then drove to Ellen's. I was early--I'm always early--and drove around town a bit. Boy, was it hot: 85 at noon and up to 90 later. Happily, El has central air in her new place and it was so-o-o comfortable.
She's gotten a fair amount done, but there are still lots of unopened boxes around, of course. She showed me around and I ooh and aahed over this and that. She's going to sell her very large armoire; it's a nice piece, but just too big for the house. Sebastian seems to have settled in well after, according to El, being traumatized by the ride over.
Greg left for work, then El and I went to lunch. I had brought one of the luscious avocados--this one at the peak of perfection--Don gave me, plus some tangerines and little bottles of Chardonnay. El got a sandwich, then we went back to her house and the tentative plan was, I'd help her unpack. However, I got very sleepy--it must have been the wine--and lay down on her bed and napped for a bit. Got up about 3:30 and we said goodbye; she was going to rest herself.
I came off Route 33 on Main Street, parked at the museum, and walked to the library, as ever. Ran into Sharon there; she's in my T.O.P.S. group and was also in my Acting for Amateurs group. I'll see her this morning at the meeting.
Walked back, then drove to WinCo for tangerines, spinach, and chicken. Had swai and broccoli for dinner. I got some kind of document for El, called her, and I'll just hold it until I see her again.

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