Monday, August 31, 2015

Desktop Delight!

Huzzah, hooray, and happy day! Ellen connected up my desktop and now I'm back in business! She came in the afternoon and besides that, she dragged my mountain of knocked-down cartons to the trash place, and took most of the items she had lent me away. Boy, I can hardly believe how huge, clear, and bright this screen is, compared to the tablet. Don't get me wrong, though, I'm eternally grateful for the tablet, as otherwise, I would have had no way of communicating for two months. (Phone, mail, simply opening my mouth and talking? Nah, too old school.)
El and I also moved some of my lighter furniture to make more room in the guestroom/study. She asked if I wanted her to hook up the t.v., also, but I had a lot of stuff on the table where I'll put it and decided to wait. I was pleasantly surprise at the pittance Time Warner charges for the Internet and am not sure if I want to add the T.V. and phone. I could easily get along without cable; I miss a lot more the land line phones, as my cell often seems problematic at best.
El removed the T.V. screen, box and wires from the huge carton in which they had been packed and I filled it with the packing materials (bubble wrap, bags of "peanuts," and so on). I hate to waste it, so I'm going to put it on Craig's List as "free, if you pick up."
On the downer side, I got a communication from TIAA-Cref, to the effect that the state of California wants to take withholding taxes out of my pension! They have some damn nerve, but I guess I have to see what that's all about. (Hmm, maybe it's about California wanting me to take withholding taxes out of my pension.)
Earlier in the day, I went to Target to get sizing and came across those three-drawer plastic cart things. Bought one in neon orange because I thought I'd put it in the walk-in closet. Instead, though, I put paper, envelopes, and related stuff in and left it in the study. However, my darling daughter thinks it's hideous, and suggested I put it in the closet. No room there and it is pretty ugly, so I'll go back and get another for the study and put this in the closet where it won't offend delicate sensibilities--heh, heh.

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