Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A Job and Relatives

Busily busy, as usual, but even more so because--yikes, I applied for a job! It's as a demonstator of new products at supermarkets and sounds like fun. It did require a lot of documentation, including proof of citizenship, so I went to the library in town to scan and attach them, but found they don't have a scanner. The very pleasant librarian suggested I go to Office Depot and that's whatI did.
Sent the documents, but it occurred to me that if I accepted an assignment and my furniture came that day, I'd have to skip. I called the person at the company to tell her to please hold off and I'd call her once it came.
Went to the Social Security Office to request an S.S. card. I haven't had one--or needed one--for 50 years or more. but it was part of the application process. Took almost an hour, but the young woman who helped me was so nice. I didn't mind.
Stopped for oranges and eggs and stuff. Returned Betty's call and after about five minutes, phone went dead--I had again run out of minutes--aagh! I jumped in the car, drove to Vons and bought more; called her back from the parking lot and we had a good, long talk. She had had a slew of relatives in, including her own 3 children and their total of 6 kids for a week. On Sunday, they were joined by my nephew and his family of five; our brother, Jim, who's now the patriarch of the family at 89, with his wife and daughter; and my friend and her husband. That made a total of nineteen and they had a ball.

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