Tuesday, August 18, 2015


I had the alarm set for 7:00, but was up and dressed by 6:00, I was so excited about finally getting my furniture. Then I got another call--this one anything but welcome. It was the woman at Bekins Sea Cure Moving company in Tuckerton, who brusquely informed me that an error had been made and I owed an additional $262.59.
What?! I already had the cashier's check for the amount I had been quoted. Now, oops, sorry, somebody forgot to pack something, or add in something, or the stars weren't in alignment or whatever, and now you owe an extra $262.59. Of course, I said ho-hum, no prob, are you sure I can't round that up to three hundred?
NOT! I can't remember the last time I was so furious. I went back and forth with the snippy woman whose attitude was about as far from a customer service stance as it's possible to get. Without the hint of an apology, she became unbelivably defensive--and offensive--in a sneering, nasty way: "well, I'm not perfect, we're not perfect, I guess you're the only one who's perfect." In other words, I was told Bekins had made an error and this was completely unknown to me until just now, when the furniture is supposed to arrive any minute. I finally said I'd send a check (I figured at least they'd have to wait for it). The respose was, "No! It has to be either a cashier check, cash, or you have to give me your credit card and pay it right now." And if I refuse? At this, the harpy spat out, "Then you DON"T get your furniture!"
Of course, I had no choice; shaking with rage, I gave her my credit card number. You can be sure, though, they haven't heard the end of this.

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iloveac said...

I know you'll follow up on this ---I hope you take it to the corporate offices too.