Saturday, August 22, 2015


This is the sixth anniversary of my husband's death. What he never got to see includes a new grandson, not yet two; his older grandson's second marriage; the various moves in the family, including mine to California; and plenty of other occurrances among family and friends, as well as world happenings. His older brother, Bill, to whom he was closest of his six siblings, died six months after Pat did. That would have been a dreadful blow for him, so I suppose it's just as well.
If he had lived would we have moved to California? Almost surely not; he wasn't the adventurous type. If he hadn't been so sick for so long,he probably would have simply continued following his routines--he was oriented that way. He would have been, I think, reasonably content, if not deliriously happy--he wasn't the deliriously happy type.
Well, back to the present: I continued unpacking and putting away, of course. In fact, that will just be a given for the next many days, so I probably won't mention it again. Called brother Larry to see how he came through the removal of a melanoma on his back. I was delighted to hear it was very tiny. was removed (in fact, he was an out-patient), and the doctor said there was no chance it had spread. Larry mentioned a book a friend had recommended called "Fly Boys." I was surprised, as he was when he read it, that it isn't just an account of WWll pilots, but seems to include pacifist sentiments. That interested me, so I went to the library in town to look it up. However, I didn't see it in the system, so will check the title and author.
But while there, I had a happy experience: A librarian helped me with the request and we started talking. It turned out she's also a pacifist and we had other things in common. Her name is Mary and I'd say she's about in her middle fifties. Anyway, I'll see her again at the library and maybe eventually we'll became friends.
Speaking of which--I do intend to search out friends and, in fact, have a few avenues in mind. Right now, though, I want to concentrate on getting my place in order and I'm content with that.

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