Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Coming Soon!

Oh, joy!  Bekins woke me at 7:30 (yes, I've been a slug-a-bed lately) to tell me the moving guy is going to pick up my furniture tomorrow and start the trek west!  Happy day, but now I must prepare.
I'm a tad worried because there's a real possibility the stuff won't fit in my apartment--the boxes, that is.  Well, I'll just have to move things around and hope for the best.
The great news about it, too, is that the cost--I held my breath when she was about to tell me how much--is several thou less than I thought it would be--whew!
Just fed Kitty Boy and will be back at 5:00 to give him his dinner. Now I'm off to get a cashier's check for the moving fee and to take back (sigh) the table I bought yesterday.  Will look for a larger one elsewhere.

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