Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Strenuosity With Productivity

Talk about strenuousity (not a word? Well, it should be), yesterday was a pip. How so? Because I almost finished opening the rest of the boxes, put most the contents somewhere, and organized some of the ones I may or may not keep. Most strenuous by far, I removed the packing material, bagged it, and de-taped, broke down, and flattened a large number of boxes. Carried, dragged, or rolled (in my new shopping cart) the aforementioned to the recycle place, and laboriously lifted and hurled them in the bin. I took at least ten trips and I probably have that many or more to go. By the time I quit, I was sweating like a pig--unlovely phrase and do pigs sweat anyway? Dunno.
Anyway, it was hard work, but very productive and I felt good after. Earlier, I had stripped my bed and now I cooled down long enough to change it after I had lunch. Then I jumped in the shower and had a lovely wash.
Rejuvenated, I dressed and drove to the library in town. I had gotten a customer satisfaction survey from Bekins' corporate office in Upper Japip or somewhere (okay,Indianapolis) and yes, indeed, I would respond. I wrote up a sheet that practically singed the copier and left for home.
I was having dinner when that precious little boy in Tokyo called on Google+. Unfortunately, my tablet was acting up, sending messages that Hangout (the Skype-like program) had hung up, Chrome wasn't responding, and so on, so we had a short visit, but at least a visit. After, I was told I wasn't connected to wi-fi; I turned it off, rebooted, and it got over the problem.

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