Thursday, August 06, 2015

Table and Highway Robbery

El and Greg got back from San Luis Obispo, having had a lovely time.  I was presented with a gift from there, a cute "wine apron."  It's in a kind of rough fabric, like oldtime barkeeps used to wear, printed with a variety of cockscrews.  Can't wait to wear it when I have company!
Got in touch with the Craigslist table's seller and later, Ellen and I drove to Fillmore (about 22 miles) to see it.  We did, I liked it, got some shaved off the asking price and drove away with my new table.  It's wood, painted white, in a kind of country style.  Seems to me it'll go well with the four kitchen chairs (Swedish-y, in light wood, with rush seats) I have left and coming soon, I hope.
We had to take the legs off to get it in the car, then Ellen and Greg put it back together again.  Looks good, although with the leaf, is slightly large for the space, but okay.
Bed, Bath & Bad Practices will see me shortly.  I bought two over-the-door plastic hooks there yesterday, thinking $4.99 plus tax was a good price.  I then stopped at the 99 cent store for a few other items and what did I see?  Yep: identical hooks for a cent less than a dollar.
Will I actually take the ones from the highway robbers back?  You bet your bottom sheet I will!

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