Sunday, August 09, 2015

Thisa and Thata

Got an early call from long-time friend and high school classmate, Jeanne Dollard P., asking for contact info for long-time friend and St. James classmate, Elva Gruhler B. It seems Jeanne came across a painting she thinks may be valuable and she would like Elva's advice. I had taken Jeanne up to Elva's art gallery in Lambertville a few years ago; coincidentally, Elva had called me last week while we were at the roller rink.
Forgot to mention I talked to sister-in-law Therese and brother, Jim, the other night. They were going down to see Betty and her gang yesterday.
Aside from that, things are still pokey. I took a drive (and got gas--it gets easier with practice) toward the ocean and beach. but didn't quite make it. Where I come from, Ventnor--for that matter, all of Absecon Island--there's a nice straight shoreline. The island's only eight miles long anyway, so sooner or later, no matter in which direction you go, you hit water. Ventura sprawls for miles and its beaches are craggy, rocky, and irregular. Actually,that seems to me more interesting than straight and steady, but it takes some getting used to.
This place has lots of amenities, but two it doesn't are individual washers and dryers. There are coin operated ones and this morning (with some apprehension, as I haven't used them for roughly 60 years), I took the plunge.
Hey, no prob! It takes 45 minutes, it said, and I set the timer, went back to work on the Sunday crossword for that long, went back to put them in the dryer, and now have clean clothes. Soon, I'll go to WinCo Supermarket for supplies, and later, will shower and dress for dinner with Ellen at Outback.

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