Thursday, August 20, 2015

Unpacking and So On

I decided to submit a complaint about the moving company to the better business bureau and did so. I also posted on Facebook that fact and named the company. We'll see what,if anything, happens now.
Esentially, I spent the the morning unpacking. I still have mountains to go, but am just going to carry on until it's done. Getting rid of the cardboard boxes is a real chore,too, as is trying to decide where to store everything. But,hey, it'll get done eventually.
As I was leaving to go to the supermarket, I met the young woman who lives next door. We introduced each other and had a nice chat. Shelby works full-time and is also finishing up her senior year at Channel Island College. She's from "the high desert"--that sounds so romantic to this Easterner!--and her roommate's name is Leslie.
It occurred to me that life in Sunrise Bay's over fifty-five community was pleasant, but somewhat static. I find it interesting to be with younger people who may not have bedrock notions about certain topics, such as religion and nationalism. And I like the sounds of children playing outside.
My friend called to hear how I was dealing with the arrival of my possessions. Betty called later to ask the same as I was driving to WinCo. I had picked up pork chops elsewhere; meant to have them for dinner last night, but saw orange chicken nuggets at WinCo and fell for them instead. Will do the chops tonight.

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