Monday, August 03, 2015

Back at El's

Here I am back at El's at 4:18 on Monday a bit after 4:00.  Had a busy day already: Picked up a bunch of stuff, including a small table at Target, but now I think it's too small and may take it back.  Found myself on the Freeway again--a sheer accident, as always--but really, it wasn't bad.  I drove to Oxnard, but was able to make my way back to Victoria Avenue, with which I'm familiar.
Went to the post office to send Mike's mail and bought chicken, which I intended to prepare in the oven, but--oops!  I forgot I have only a frying pan, plus a small sauce pan Ellen lent me.  Picked up a rectangular cake pan at Walmart, which will do fine.
I'm getting much more adept at my tablet, finally and at long last.  I can access virtually everything I can on the desktop; it just acts and reacts a little differently.  I still find it harder to type on it, even with the keyboard, but it's doable.  Last evening, as I enjoyed my Chardonnay, I watched a few things on YouTube--just as entertaining as television and without the commercials--most of them, anyway.
The big news is I pumped my own gas!  Yes, all by myself and I didn't even asked anyone to help. It's not so hard and I know I'll get used to it as a normal activity.
At Ellen's invitation, I'm doing my wash here.  She and Gregg are up in San Luis Obispo for a mini-vacation and I'm here to feed Sebastian and put out her trash.
So things are going swimmingly, I'm happy to write, and Jersey seems far away, literally and figuratively and that's my quota of "lys" for today.

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