Friday, August 21, 2015

Eternal Job

Heh, heh. A few short months ago, I referred to my selling and donating and tossing and wrapping and packing as my "forever job." Little did I know...
Just as well I didn't: UNpacking and UNwrapping and putting away have become the tiresome jobs I can't believe will ever end--
However. there's light at the end of the bubble wrap. I calculate I've emptied about half of the boxes and will just continue to plug away. I'm hopeful some of this material can be re-used; ran into Israel, the maintenance guy and he said somebody was moving and may want it. Oh, please, be my guest!
Incidentally, I took my Bekins complaint to their Facebook page. Left a long tirade, but I'm not sure if they allowed it to be posted; my tablet doesn't work the same way as the desktop.
I stopped into the office to say they could give the mover-outer my number and started chatting with a couple, Linda and Steve, who were scouting out the place. After many years in L.A. they want to leave, saying it's become unliveable, what with the traffic, the crowding and, I guess, other urban ills; plus, they worry about earthquakes, having lived through the big one in Northridge. I told them I love it here--an exaggeration, but not a huge one--my first apartment living in 57 years. I hope they move here, as I liked them a lot.
Had to get out late in the day, so took a drive. Called El to ask how her first day at school went; she said it went well.

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