Saturday, August 15, 2015

Wash and a Holloween Pillow

I gathered my energies and took a load of clothes to the laundry place. Washed, dried, and folded them in between a run to the bank and a few other chores. Stripped the bed and put fresh sheets on, then realized I have only one pilowcase. That's okay in general because I have only one pillow, but the one pillowcase was now due to be washed. Continuing to spend wildly, I went out and bought another one.
Without going into any detail, I'm reporting that I again spent time on mundane paperwork. What a bore and I hope it'll all be in place soon.
Had a yen for seafood, so bought a nice piece of salmon and fixings for scalloped potatoes. Prepared both for din-din and they were good.
I like to get out of the house (apartment) after dinner, so I drove over to Kohl's. Just browsed until I saw this darling thing I simply HAD to have. It's a small, oblong, decorative pillow: black background with the faces of a jack-o-lantren, a skelton, and a kitty cat on it. I looked at the price tag: thirty-five dollars! But wait, this is August; wouldn't Halloween stuff be on sale--even on clearance? I checked the price and yes--it came up $17.49. Took it to the cash register and got some scratch-off discount coupons. My best turned out to be 20 percent. Cost now dropped to $15.04, which I charged, of course, and I know I have a five dollar and change credit,so the final cost? Hoo-rah and hoo-ray, less than ten bucks!
After all, a Halloween pillow is an essential item for a lady not in the first bloom of youth, isn't it? Can't wait for October!

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