Friday, August 14, 2015

The Hills and Insomnia

I decided to go in search of the Ventura Senior Center and followed Google directions. Whew, it's 'way up in the foothills in an area I had never seen before. Talked to the nicelady receptionist--I assume a volunteer--then the director, a good-looking guy in his thirties. He was very cordial and we discussed the possibility of my doing my Dionne Quintuplet presentation. I said I usually received a stipend and he was okay with that, as attendees are charged a fee, then there's something like a sixty-forty split with the center. Seems kind of unorthodox, but I'll tuck it in the back of my brain and maybe bring it out sometime.
Went from there to the library, where I stayed just long enough to print out a document, part of the marathon financial affairs stuff.
Called my friend to congratulate her on her last work day. then drove to the store to pick up this and that.
For the first time since I got here, I had trouble sleeping last night; tossed and turned for what seemed hours. I finally dropped off, but feel a little groggy still. Maybe I'll take a nap later on.

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