Monday, August 17, 2015

The Call

I GOT THE CALL! About 10 am, the moving guy called and said he'd deliver my furniture on Tuesday! He had a heavy accent and for a crazy moment I thought Ellen was playing a trick on me. I thought she had gotten Greg to affect an accent, because the guy said his name was Sebastian and that's the name of Ellen' cat. But no, this is the real deal and he's just making it on the last day of the contract. I'm still nervous about whether my stuff will even fit in here, but am glad I at least have a date.
El came at noon and speedily put up some hooks for me,then installed the guest bath shower curtain, then took the leaf out of the table, all in just fifteen or so. We then took off for the something or other cafe and had a leisurely lunch. After that, it was shopping time.
We went to The Learning Tree (I think). a teachers' supply place where El got a few things--she'll be back in third grade today, incredibly enough--then The Avenue, where she got some terrific tops. I looked around, but didn't get anything, as I want to see what I already have when my stuff gets here.
The Avenue is fairly pricy, but we then went to WinCo Supermarket which definitely isn't. El had never been there before and was impressed with the quality of the organic produce and the savings, compared to her usual.
Back at my place, I helped El put small boxes together--24 of them for each child in her class. Was interrupted by a phone call from somebody at The Palms of Bonaventure, asking if I was still interested in possibly moving there. Guess I had contacted them when I was considering an independent living facility. I told him I had taken an apartment, but would like to talk to someone about acting classes. He gave me the name and number of the activities director and I'll call her when I have a chance.
As usual, I was restless around 6:00, so drove over to Target and bought a desk lamp I've had my eye on. Of course, I don't have a desk yet, but hope to get one shortly.

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