Friday, August 28, 2015

A Barbecue and Keyfob

Had a fun and productive day. I attended a barbecue "to honor first responders" at The Palms at Bonaventura, an assisted living facility. Its used-to-be sister facility is next to it and that's the one in which I'm most interested. Yesterday, though, I enjoyed the lunch, chatted with some nice people, and met the health services head, who took me for a tour.
She told me the two facilities had originally been owned by the same company, but the independent living one had been sold. She gave me the name of her activities diector and I'll call her today. I also have a person to conact at Cypress Point; I'm not sure, but I hope that's independent livers (as opposed to those clingy kidneys--heh, heh).
Brother Jim called just to see how I was getting along and I had a good chat with him and Therese.
Had a hankering for pasta, so I went out and bought ground meat, added eggs and bread crumbs, made meat balls, browned them and finished cooking them in sauce--or, as my Italian friends say. "gravy."
After dinner, I took a long drive toward the coast next to Oxnard, I think, and just enjoyed the scenery, mindful of the fact that Ventura County was named the most beautiful in the country based on its natural environment and scenery and climate. I wasn't exactly sure where I was until I suddenly saw Victoria Avenue and knew I could get back that way.
I was intrigued to be notified that somebody had commented on the blog I wrote years ago and he or she asked to get in touch. My Uncle Frank had written a memior of his early days and I simply transcribed it after a short introduction. I honestly don't remember if I called it "Uncle Frank's Farm" or "Domino Lane." Later, I added reminiscences by my Aunt Mary and my cousin, Judy, and left it at that. I actually forgot about it until receiving notice of interest from "Keyfob." This morning, the person left an e-mail address and I immediately responded--sounds interesting!

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