Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Good Stuff

A good day for a variety of reasons. The first was the nice talk with my dear brother, Frank, of course. I then set off to mid-town, determined to find the library. I did,pretty easily,too and what's more, I discovered that it's right in front of a free parking area,with steps leading to its rear door. I promptly signed up for a library card and also took advantage of one of their computers. Checked a few things and printed out what I wanted. I borrowed Roger Ebert's "Awake in the Dark." Ever since I read his autobiogrphy,"Life Itself," I've wanted to read more of his reviews, essays, and interviews. I started this and am not disappointed.
I had been furious with myself because of this doofy predicament: Thought I'd close out my Ocean First Bank (local in Jersey only) account by just spending it down with my debit card. I did so and finally saw I had only 8 bucks and change left. Bought some trifle at the Dollar Tree and paid 5 and change. The next day, I looked on-line and was horrified to see a $4.95 low balance charge. This had brought the balance to less than five, so they tacked on a $35 insufficient funds charge!
Aagh, aagh, and more aagh. But I called branch manager Donna, explained, threw myself on her mercy, and she kindly said she'd recind both fees and close out the account. Now that's the kind of thing that sets me up for--well,until the next crisis, anyway.
Note: It's August 11 and do I know where my possessions are? No, but they've gotta becoming soon, as they were promised to arrive between the tenth and the eighteenth; anxiously waiting...

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A beautiful week with many achievements!