Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Washing Day

Great news: My friend just called to tell me my Acura has been sold! She'll deposit the dough in my account, which is heart-warming info. As I often note, there's nothing like money to make people happy.
Yesterday was somewhat strenuous. at least during the morning hours. Why? Because I did two loads of wash, which nessesitated three trips each to the laundry room: The initial one, taking things to be washed, plus detergent (and bleach, if for whites) and $1.50 in quarters; 37 minutes later, taking $1.50 in quarters and a softener sheet,if warrented, and transferring washed to the dryer; 41 minutes later, retreiving wash to fold and put away. Yes, I performed the procedure twice, but why, you say, didn't you bring the second load when you were getting the first washed load 0R why didn't you do them simutaneously? Dunno, I just didn't think of it.
Anyway, it was vastly easier with the cart Greg put together for me. Also--sunshiny Pollyanna that I am--I'm okay with it. as I'm always mindful I no longer take that mile-and-a-half walk with Susan every morning. I need regular exercise and this, along with the walk to the carport everyday provides at least some.
While the wash was agitating, I got slightly agitated myself putting the final pieces of my financial jigsaw together. I think things are pretty well fixed now and that's a big relief. Later, I went and bought a top with "elbow length sleeves." I don't know why manufacturers don't make more of them; ladies of a certain age much prefer them in order to discreetly hide their batwing upper arms.
Oh, I forgot: Manufactuers don't give a damn what ladies of a certain age prefer.

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