Friday, August 07, 2015

Comings and Goings

Betty and I finally caught up with each other, she with lots of company, Mimi involved in multiple tasks.  These included getting a cashier's check at the bank, faxxing insurance documents hither and yon, and finally using most of the gift card Anne Mary gave me at Trader Joe's.  (You can be sure I bought some cheap Chardoney along with the garlic and onions.)
In addition, following my policy of persistance, I took the shoe holder with which I had been so thrilled, back to B, B & B.  I asked if I could trade the 60,000 little pieces in the box for their already assembled floor model.  Of course, the manager refused and. okay, fair enough, I tried, he said no, and I'd just have to go on keeping my wardrobe on the floor...
But hold on, wait a minute--he ("Dave") then told me to give him a half hour and he'd put it together for me--and he did! I'm delighted to have my duds neatly on the fabric shelves.
Went here and there with a bunch of other chores, too, but nothing of interest except to me. Finally got connected with my friend and we had a good talk. I miss her, but am glad they'll soon be on the move, too. Singapore son Mike has also moved,so lots of comings and goings recently.

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