Saturday, August 29, 2015


Continuing to work my little booty off, I filled several large trash bags with packing material, loaded up my cart with collapsed boxes, and hauled it all to the trash enclosure. Invigorated, I then gathered clothes to be washed and took them to the laundry room. While I waited to go back and put them in the dryer, I unpacked the stuff from my study at home, as I want to get my desktop and land phones up and running. Actually,I've gotten pretty far in setting up the guestroom as my office--that'll be a relief.
Once the clothes were dried,folded and put away, I had lunch, then went out to buy two more mugs and a few other things. Had a dishwasher full, so ran that while I pulled together the things Ellen lent me, plus donations for the thrift store.
I'm feeling pretty good generally. except my knee is still bothering me. Also, I've been waking during the night; usually I can go back after a short time, but Thursday night was an exception. I was awake, it seemed, almost all night--what a drag and I hope it doesn't happen again. Last night was a lot better: got up once for the usual reason, but went right back.

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