Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Table and Towel Rack

Took the table back to Target, but found a possibility later on Craigslist.  Contacted the seller and asked her to let me know where she lives and when I can see it.
Stopped at the office to ask if I could add towel holders to the two bathrooms.  Oddly (it seems to spoiled me), they have only one.  I was taken aback to be told yes, but I'd have to remove them when I leave.  No biggie, I figured, I'll get an over the door one.
Went to Bed, Bath & Big Pricetags and bought it, along with a sponge holder and a paper towel dispenser.  
But darn, I'll keep only the former; when the rack's in place, the bathroom door can't be closed and the towel thing seems too cumbersome.  Okay, I'll think of something else.
Actually, it's kind of fun to test my ingenuity in improvising.  And by the way, I think a big test is rolling down an interstate right now: I'll soon have to figure out where to put what when my furniture comes and whether all those boxes will even fit in here.
Note: I'm pleased that finally I'm able to get into this blog from my tablet.  I'd been having some difficulty before which I think stemmed from the two e-mail addresses I have.  In truth, I'm so grateful I have the tablet, although it took me a few years to get used to it.  Thank you, kiddies!

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