Monday, August 10, 2015

Chores, Dinner, and Cait Jenner

Even with little furniture, there are household chores; they took all of ten minutes when I did them yesterday. Swept my tiny kitchen floor, scoured the double sinks, and rearranged the walk-in closet. Folded and stowed the laundry and that was about it.
Went to Target to look at shopping carts, which I want to get eventully. Stopped at WinCo Supermarket, which I favor because it's employee owned, but I also like the produce, organic and non. I like their prices, too.
Showered and washed my hair, then turned to this lovely machine (or diobolical contraption, depending on my mood) to see I had just missed a web cam call from the far east, as it used to be called. I quickly called back and after some frustrating misconnections, was able to greet precious little K., Daddy and Mommy.
This little boy is growing so fast, physically and otherwise. He showed me several sets of his trains, pointing out the "geen" and "boo" ones in English, the yellow one in Japanese. What a darling baby and soon too be two!
After that happy interlude, I donned slacks and a fairly dressy top, then put on makeup, the first time for both since I arrived. Don't know why, I just felt like it. Drove over to Ellen's--early, of course, I wouldn't want to spoil my record--and we took off for Outback.
I was surprised at how crowded it was, but we had a reservation and were seated right away. We both decided on the mixed BBQ grill of shrimp, chicken, and ribs with a beer for me and a watermelon Margerita for El. Very tasty and I took some home. Happily, my gift card just covered the meal and a little of the tip; El left the rest.
Back at her house, we sat and watched T.V., a novelty for me, as I don't have one; saw "I Am Cait" with the former Bruce Jenner and some of some of her trans friends. Fun to see for awhile, although I know these "reality" shows are scripted, or at least guided to a fare-thee-well. Got home just as it was getting dark after a good day.
More good: just got a call from brother Frank, my fellow Californian and we had a lovely sib visit.

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