Tuesday, September 01, 2015


Lots of more getting things done. I went back to Target and got two more three-drawer containers; put a lot of the office stuff in them. Put the ugly orange one in the walk-in closet. Haven't decided I'll keep in there, but I'm sure it'll be something. I had been doing all my business/paper work in the dining room, as I had no other table, but now I'm transferring stuff to the study.
I want to start looking at desks soon, but in the meantime, am using one of the long folding tables. I put the other one under the windows and it's holding the rest of my office supplies. Moved the smaller table into the living room, although I think it will ultimately go in the guestroom/study.
I listed the free packing materials (a huge box of them) on Craig's List. Said whoever wants them has to get in touch within a week, otherwise out they go. I've gathered a fair amount of stuff to donate to the thrift store and will take them to do shortly.
I often eat dinner fairly early, but get lonely and bored around six or so. Yesterday, I went to the nearby Barnes & Noble and hung out there for a bit. Saw a bio of Johnny Carson on sale for $6.98 and dipped into it. I can't stand the movie-mag type stuff wherein everything is sweetness and light, and you would think show biz exclusively attracts heteros and home bodies. Clearly, this isn't one of them, so I decided to get it. Of course, I wouldn't dream of spending money on it, so went into the library site when I got home, put a reserve on it, and will pick it up today.
Called TIAA-Cref and was told I don't necessarily need to have withholding taken out. Considering both parts of my pension have decreased as of August, that's a good thing.
Yesterday marked my one month anniversary moving in here and overall, things are progressing well.

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