Saturday, September 12, 2015

A Library and Thai

Got chores aplenty done in the morning and early afternoon, then impulsively took a run to the new library branch in Saticoy. (The main branch in town was still closed due to the heat.) The one in Saticoy,not far from Ellen's, is bare bones. It consists of just one large, wooden-floored room--I have the idea it used to be an auto body shop or something--and a very few small bookcases that hold a very few books. However, as a novelty it was fun to see, and I checked out an autobiography of Alan Cumming, the Broadway actor.
Home at 4:00, I hoped to beat the extreme heat by showering and washing my hair. Refreshing, but I still sigh for central air. Called niece Carolyn--she and I have a date on Tuesday--and told her it would be fine for her to come by my place first. She had wanted to see the apartment, but previously, I thought it was in too much disarray...
What an idiot! As if she'd care, for pity's sake! So she'll come and I'm looking forward to it.
I had the idea I'd dress up a bit and put on makeup for Ellen's birthday celebration dinner, but in view of the weather, I scratched that idea early on. I just put on clean shorts and top and let it go at that.
Ellen and Greg picked me up, and we had a good dinner at El's favorite place of that order, Jasmine Thai. I had mentioned it was her birthday and after dinner, the waitress brought out a complementary bowl of coconut ice cream with three spoons and we happily shared. Greg then treated us to coffee at Peet's a few doors away and we sat outside with it. I remarked that I could hardly remember being outside in the dark--goes to show what a gadabout I am.
Got home about 9:00 and I gave El her (modest) present, plus she took the hand truck she had lent me which I had kept in the guest bath, having no other place. I mentioned the complex-wide garage sale going on today at the townhouses next to here and El may want to look over the goods. I should probably avoid it--in fact, I'd much prefer to be selling than buying, but I still haven't found a flea market around here.

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