Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Palms Yet Again

When I got up, I started thinking about whether I really wanted to stay over at The Palms last night. Two factors made me question: 1. I just didn't feel like packing up an overnight bag with bed clothes, an outfit for the next day, medication, cosmetics, and so on; 2. What would I do after lunch until dinner and after dinner until I could get away to the suite--play beanbag baseball? That was going on yesterday. Besides, I had plenty more to do in the apartment.
I had committed to getting "the tour" yesterday and to attending Spa Day today, and I will. I'd still be at the place three days in a row, plus last week when I met with Mary plus Saturday when I dropped off the flyers. Oh yes, Mary and the sales manager, Alex, would love to have me live there--presumably, they get a commission--but frankly, I'm getting bored with The Palms, pleasant though it is.
Anyhoo--I called Mary at 9:00 and uttered a bit of a fib--a big fat lie, actually--as an excuse for not staying over, but said I'd be there for the tour and lunch, and I was. The food was good, actually; I skipped the chicken and picked an alternative of Philly cheesesteak, and of course, there was salad, dessert, and coffee. Ate with Mary, whom I asked to tell me something about herself. She's married, lives only five miles or so from me, had three daughters, the youngest of whom died at 22 of cancer and now her 55-year-old daughter has lung cancer. How you live through something like that, I don't know. What's more, her two brothers died of cancer, ages 47 and 52. Mary is older than I thought, maybe my age, as she has great-grandchildren.
Said goodbye and left after lunch, with a slight feeling--I couldn't help it--of escape, but yes, I'll go back today for Spa Day.
Called niece Carolyn, as I have something for her when we get together. She'll check out a restaurant I might be able to get to--never a sure thing--and meet for lunch.
The heat has been ungodly, by the way, and as soon as I got home, I changed, then plunged into--no, not the pool, I haven't done that yet--but into continuing paperwork stuff. Got a fair amount sortied, put away, and thrown away before I quit. Sped over to Bed, Bath, and Bodacious Prices for a paper towel holder, then to Target for this and that.

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