Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Wash and a Pretty Good Day

It's such a drag doing my wash here, I thought I'd take it to the wash-a-porium and see if it's better.
It isn't. For one thing, it costs more (why? I don't know) and for another, you still have to go do something while it washes, unless you want to sit there and read your Kindle, but I don't. And there isn't enough time between wash and dry to do anything much.
Otherwise, it was pretty good day for a variety of reasons. For one, I had been frantically looking for my Vanguard account checks and couldn't find them anywhere. Decided I had to call and tell them to nullify (or whatever they do) the ones I had and issue new ones. I don't use Vanguard for everyday expenses, just extra-ordinary ones, but had had to for some of the moving stuff. When I was on the phone with a rep, she asked me to hold so she could find what was the best way to proceed (they were willing to contact me before cashing anything). While I did, I idly glanced around the guestroom/study and saw the small portfolio I had bought when I first got here. Hey, wait a minute...
I looked and yes--there they were! Before I got my various file containers, I had used the portfolio for some financial documents. Anyway, happy day, I found them.
The second good: The state of California, as Jersey does, wants you to have a license plate both front and back. They sent me mine, but I had only a back plate holder, which Ellen put on. And darn, you have to buy a holder for the front, which I did--but you have to go to an auto body shop and they have to drill through your front--well, your front.
I had put this off and put it off, but yesterday, I saw a Volvo dealer, asked if he'd do it, but since I have a Hundai, nope. He was very nice, though, and directed me to a regular auto body shop, who drilled, screwed, and charged only eighteen dollars.
Another potential good: After the suggestion from The Flying H. director, Cynthia, I looked up the Santa Paula theatre group and found they put on one-act plays. I'll contact them and see if they'll read my plays, with an eye toward possible performances.
And finally: My "campaign desk" came yesterday morning. That's good, but what's not so good is it has to be put together and I don't even have a screwdriver, let alone the expertise to do it...
Well, you can't win 'em all.

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